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Well unfortunately I am still laid up confined to rest, hopefully this week a visit to PCH consultant will release me from house arrest…that said I have a 2nd visit for a badly torn tendon in my shoulder….that’s life.
So we’ve had a very successful BusFest I am told and the weather remained dry and sunny… Toilets, well 2 out of 3 is not bad, my correspondent sent me a photo on Friday to say there was still one toilet still to be repaired….I wonder after 8+ weeks what the issue is now.

The other major concern that I reported – The planning application for an anaerobic waste plant at Horsey Toll Farm is scheduled to be heard by committee on Tuesday 4th July at Peterborough Town Hall at 1:30pm. I have not heard if or what representation might be made by either WTC or FDC councillors.. But if all is well – I do plan to attend this meeting – Many in Stanground/Park Farm/Cardia are hoping the application is refused – The implications are many for us in nearby Whittlesey – If you scroll down to my post of the 18th May there is much more to read and research.
Here is what WTC received from our PCSO in regards to crime happening locally and what ‘they’ are or not doing about it.
‘Someone’ (Not me) asked whether we should run a photo competition – ‘Spot the PCSO’ as our latest seems very ‘invisible’ (again others comments) – I do support our Police whenever I/we can – but to say it is difficult is an understatement.
Here is his report…
20170521 Town Council Report - May

Finally – I would not normally promote other councillors blogs/websites – however since ‘the majority’ of our councillors seem only to engage with the public come election time – (I stand corrected – there are Councillor Surgeries) or like at General Elections – since there seems to be only (1) councillor who ‘regularly updates his electorate/ward (Delph Ward) maybe see what Cllr Eamonn Dorling has to promote.. including his recently added attendance record.
(I wonder what/where or even suggest where that came from?)
Visit Cllr E Dorling Website

Falcon Hotel, London Street, Whittlesey, Peterborough, PE7 1BH.
General meeting Wednesday: 24th May, 2017.
At Falcon Hotel 6.00 for 6.30pm
Visit WBF Website

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