Distraction Burglary – Intimidation – Bogus Callers (1)

Received from Crime Prevention Officer.

There have been some distraction Burglaries in Cambridge City and they are gaining the trust of the elderly by saying that they are from NHW and Police, as you are aware these criminals have used Police and various utility providers as their method of entry in the past NHW is new to us. We don’t want to frighten your members but we do need the message to be sent out distributed by your members to the vulnerable members of our community.
On a couple of occasions violence has been used on the victims.

We need residents to be reminded to not answer their door without chains on and or not answer door at all if they are not expecting anybody. If somebody knocks on the door ask for identification, don’t phone the number on the identification use a number from one of your bills.

Julie Bailey
Crime Prevention Officer Fenland
Cambridgeshire Constabulary
Please note that my office hours are Monday 9-14:30 & 16:00-17:30, Tuesday 9-14:30 & 16:00-17:30 , Wednesday 9-14:30 and Thursday 9-14:30 pm.

RG Note: This may well have happened in/around Cambridge, but word gets out and their ‘mates’ in other areas try the same tricks.

Please make your neighbours aware.

Remember there is a vast amount of information on the Whittlesey Neighbourhood Website. https://www.whittleseynhw.org.uk/


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