Toilets & Buttercross

There is still no update on the (3) Out of Order Public Toilets behind ‘The George’ (The only public toilets in Whittlesey). As previously reported these have been Out of Oder for a number of weeks – due to vandalism.
The question that needs asking now – are there spare parts available for these toilets or were FDC advised when commissioning the toilets that the Paybox system was about to become obsolete? – I can report that the Boxes have again been Got at/vandalised yesterday. If this is the case – is the system suitable and will they for-ever become a victim of vandalism – Costing the ratepayer I would image quite a lot of money.
If the toilets are the same throughout Fenland – why are parts taking so long to source?
I have today reported the extremely dirty state of the Buttercross ‘Tiled area’ – I was informed some years ago, that the area was ‘Power Washed Weekly’ I would seriously challenge this…..hopefully FDC will clean up.

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