Recycling Road Show – Open to All

Amey Roadshow 2017 Stall-Holder Booking Form – Wisbech
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing in hope that you might be of interest in participating in our ECO Family Fun day held in Cambridgeshire.  I am an Education Officer for Cambridgeshire at Amey Waste Services, responsible for promoting recycling messages to residents throughout Cambridgeshire.  We are working in partnership with Cambridgeshire County Council on a PFI contract to deliver waste management services to the whole county.
Part of our remit here is to promote key messages about waste and recycling practices.   We organise Outreach programmes, school visits at the centre,  as well as visits for students, community groups and anyone else who would like to learn more about what we do. Our practice involves  providing workshops, giving talks or doing activities / crafts with the public to demonstrate what we do and to deliver our important message.  This year alone, we have organised over 70 school / group visits to site, and attended a further 70+ groups / events / schools to provide talks, activities and support where required.   All of this is offered absolutely free to whomever finds it useful.

We are running a series of events in 2017 during half terms and holidays promoting Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and waste awareness in all the districts of Cambridgeshire.  As part of the theme, we will be inviting vendors to run stalls and activities related to waste awareness and eco-friendly food stalls which are aimed at incorporating all the waste streams we use at home, how not to contaminate the bins, where our waste goes and what you can do about it at home.  In particular, about contamination of the green waste bins and the importance of making sure what is placed in the green waste bin is as natural as possible as well as composting messages.   If successful, I will be continuing the theme with a series of other events around Cambridgeshire throughout 2017.

The second of these events will be held on the 30thMay 2017 at the Queen Marys Centre , Wisbech from 10am to 2pm.  Would you be interested in joining us? If so, please see attached a booking form.  It is free to run a stall and you can promote your group or business as long as you keep the theme to the messages above.  We would appreciate if you would consider donating a raffle prize to a draw we will hold on the day.
Examples of other stalls/activities we are looking at having (some are booked in, some are still in discussions):
As part of the composting / green waste element, I am looking to have a Superworm themed event in one area with storytelling session for kids with waste themed books (ideas welcome) and some worm hotels the kids can make and take home.

CCORN hopefully to come and run a stall (they recycle paints brought to the household recycling centre) to do a reuse session and bring kit.

Carbon footprint Cambridge – Repair Café
Amey activity stall with sorting & modelling activities.
A soup kitchen WOUP
Littleport Timebank
Any ethical cakemakers
Soil Association
Ely Nappy library – reusable nappies
We would love to chat you and discuss some ideas for making it work and more about what you do.  Let me know when you are free and the best number to call you on.
Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kind Regards,
Rebecca Hargarve BA (Hons) MSc
Education Officer (Waste Treatment, Cambridgeshire)

Amey Roadshow 2017 Stall-Holder Booking Form – Wisbech

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