Trending this Easter Weekend

Many thanks to the 19 members of the public and Neighbourhood Watch Group who kept me and the Police informed on the where-abouts of our visitor from Latvia.
The Police are well aware of this gentleman and he is being ‘looked after’ until various agencies get together to best help this gentleman.

At this weeks Whittlesey Town Council meeting, under confidential matters – discussed under F81/17 was ‘New Office Purchase’ – since members of the public are excluded from this item, I am surmising that the Town Council are looking at either moving or purchasing the present building.
There has been a lot of past debate on the relationship with the Landlord and terms and conditions of the present lease.
I note the building and adjoining land is ‘For Sale’ by agents Malcolm James/RightMove©
View Here Details – @ asking £400,000 until further details become public knowledge which I doubt will be later than sooner as there are commercially sensitive information.
This parcel of land had ‘Planning permission’ for retail and housing – which has since lapsed. The agents seem confident that due to a shortage of Town Centre building land that any sympathetic planning application would probably succeed.
The Town Council still have a lease on this building. The Council have spent a considerable amount of money on upgrading and enhancing the present building – it is also disabled accessible.
We await to see what comes into the public domain.

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