Youths in Trouble

Why is it that ‘ordinary people’ can not understand how and why Police and Justice system get things wrong or forever ramming home their political correctness.
Today long time Youth Offender ‘ Albie Burrell’ gets an ASBO – big deal – the exclusion zone that he is ‘banned from’ excludes most of Station Road and the Manor Field.
‘Sergeant Lugg’ said “Burrell’s behaviour has had a significant impact on the community over a long period of time’ I don’t know of Sgt Lugg or whether he has ever been to Whittlesey.
Today whilst transiting The Bower – Litter Picking I saw what appeared to be two innocent looking teenagers, on engaging in conversation – I learnt that ‘MacKenzie was in Whittlesey due to his ASBO in Newmarket and was here staying with his Grandmother, the 17 year old pregnant girlfriend had travelled from Gravesend to meet up with him for the day. They were both smoking some smelly tobacco which I presumed was some sort of Hash – I have a covert picture of Mr Mackenzie (I probably have broken the law and will be arrested) and asked him to behave himself whilst in Whittlesey and take his anti-social behaviour back with him to Newmarket.
We have enough of our own Riff-Raff with out importing more from far afield.
Of course some of our councillors think it wrong to mention that Anti-Social-Behaviour is ‘mainly’ caused by young people – I am not saying ALL ASB is caused by them but a hell of a lot is.
By the way I collected a full bag of rubbish/cans/bottles from around the Skate Park – it didn’t get there by itself – and I had been there 2 days ago?

Picture ©CambsTimes

Still there were ‘some’ better things happening in the Manor/Bower.
An excellent blood donor session was well attended and one of our resident swans came for a look – I haven’t seen its mate for a long time.

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