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Whittlesey Neighbourhood Plan

All households and Businesses within the Whittlesey & Village areas should have received a paper document. It is very important that ‘The Public/Electorate’ share their views by completing this document.
It concerns primarily how future planning for our area will develop and on how Whittlesey Town Council (The elected representatives) can influence these future plans.
It is NOT a document outside of the remit that WTC has to comply with either FDC or National planning guidelines.
The importance is that ‘we’ may be able to influence more than we do at present and ‘we’ may be leaving a legacy for future generations.
Naturally the best way is to fill in the document online:
Go to the Whittlesey Town Council website http://www.whittleseytc.com/ and click on the
Neighbourhood Plan Tab.
Below is the front page of the document – There will be Councillors at 4 venues to answer questions and help in filling in the form.
It is ‘YOUR’ opportunity to have ‘YOUR’ say.
One document was delivered per household, but individuals can fill in their own form should they wish to do so.


I am Roy Gerstner I am NOT an elected councillor and as my profile states I am a ‘Community Activist’
My website has NO affiliation to any political group or Whittlesey Town Council or any other Council.
I value my ‘Independence’ – and so do many others.

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