Catch Up

Just about caught up with correspondence and publications I do no see whilst away.
What a fantastic community we have….never mind the ‘moaners’ – once a moaner always a moaner. Looking though the free magazines, the amount of events, clubs and hobbies we can all get involved in. None of this would happen without the countless number of people who freely give their time to such projects.
One project which is important to us (since we lost our Police Station) is that of  ‘Special Constables’  see below..even though the event took place last night I think there is some valuable information and contact details to be had.

Message from Chief Inspector James Sutherland ​Area Commander – South Cambridgeshire ​Some exciting news- tonight, Wednesday 15th March at 7pm, we are going to be holding our first ever online Specials recruitment event: broadcast live from Cambourne police station.
The Special Constabulary is the volunteer police force that supports the work of Cambridgeshire Constabulary. ‘Specials’ are warranted officers that have all the powers of their ‘regular’ colleagues and are trained to a very high level.
The live event is an information evening for anyone who has ever thought about joining the special constabulary and wants to know more. ​ Hosted by Chief Inspector James Sutherland, over the course of the half-hour broadcast we will be talking to a number of different Specials covering issues such as the application process, the training, what the job is like, the amount of commitment required and so forth. We will also try to answer as many questions from the viewers as possible.
To take part in the event simply follow the main official Cambridgeshire Constabulary twitter account
@cambscops ( ). At 7pm a link will be posted to the live broadcast- click the link and hey-presto you will join the broadcast.
Whilst this event is themed around Cambridgeshire Constabulary, a lot of the information will be of interest to anyone thinking about becoming a Special, anywhere in the country so please feel free to share this email with family or friends in other areas. If you’d like to submit a question in advance you can post it to our twitter using the hashtag #SpecialsLive and we’ll try to answer it during the broadcast.
Hope you are able to join us tonight.
Chief Inspector James Sutherland, B.A Hons, M.A, M:Litt
Area Commander- South Cambridgeshire

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