Trending this week 04-03-17

Several crimes happening in our locality, it is a matter of ‘lock it’ or ‘loose it’ – low life in general look for the easiest target, Cyber crime is still at the for-front of crime even in our real local world, including 3 reported more senior folk being victims of crime recently.
I am hoping to attend a Cyber security seminar at Cambs Police HQ at the end of the month.

There is a full Whittlesey Town Council meeting this Wednesday, with some updates on local projects.

As mentioned last week, we are presently in Sarawak – Northern Borneo, this a part of Malaysia, we were last here in 2004.

We were joined by our nephew and enjoyed the local delicacies including something like a giant ‘Papadum’ – the one shown had oysters embedded in it.

Another fantastic experience of being with rescued ‘Orangutans’ – I have made some small donations over the past years and was very pleased to revisit the park, where they have 28 of these marvellous animals.
Most are rehabilitated to live locally within the limits of the local jungle, one of the females ‘Suduku’ is still here from our visit 13 years ago now being 46 years old, they are tempted with fruit and coconuts for visitors twice  a day, there is no guarantee they will come – especially if they have enough food in the jungle.

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