Trending observations on WTC Meeting & Streetlife

At least one kind person sending reports to me and the public whilst I am away – thanks.

Of course more people could attend these meetings and hear first hand on how your council debate?
So I see from the report some fairly good news, in that £40,000 has been placed into the reserve fund….WTC for many years was the ‘poorest’ council in Fenland, either not raising enough when they were able too and had no assets as such, the proposed purchase of a stand alone Council building has been gone over before – there are some advantages but there well maybe a burden of debt involved – I can not see ‘how’ there is no cost to the precept ? – surely all council funds are the taxpayers funding!

So I also see that the deaths knell is in store for the Whittlesey Extravaganza unless maybe the Business Forum takes it over….there is a lot of work involved, rules/regulations and insurance to consider, although I have attended several, the feedback which I received was that it didn’t bring a great deal of business into the town and was always dependent on the weather? Still we wait and see.

Streetlife™ – see my previous post – well, well well – under the ‘New owners’ – Nextdoor™
It was meant to be a neighbourly get-together – but the takeover of the UK’s Streetlife™ website by America’s Nextdoor™ has left many British users deeply unhappy with the new arrangements.
Under the new owner – subscribers are NOT allowed to hide behind false/mickey-mouse™ names and will have to register a ‘real name’ and address – under these circumstances I may well sign up myself? – I wonder how many ‘Streetlifers’ will migrate having to disclose their name and address…..
See the whole story on the BBC Click Here

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