Fenland vs Peterborough

I could write a book – but won’t – the debate on whether ‘we’ in Whittlesey would be better off ‘linking’ with Peterborough rather than Fenland has been brought up on many occasions. There are Pro’s and Con’s – however whenever I have raised the subject with Whittlesey Councillors, I have raised a ‘Toxic subject’. Most believe our/their allegiance lays with Fenland and I appreciate everyones views.
Certain services are now ‘shared’ in order to make ‘savings’
However looking at recent history – say the last 1/2/10 & 25 years and where as Fenland and Whittlesey has remained fairly stagnant – Peterborough has prospered in many, many ways, they have also had a certain amount of negative issues.
I’ll not go on too long – but considering the majority of working people from Whittlesey do so in Peterborough, the majority of people shop in Peterborough, the leisure and hospitality areas are in Peterborough and on and on.
I’ll highlight the latest ‘loss’ to our town – that being the historic findings at ‘Must Farm’
I’ve heard some small debate at WTC regarding what & how Whittlesey should benefit.
Just read the BBC story on this 01st February BBC News – Must Farm
Whittlesey is printed just once. Some of our Councillors have ‘tried’ to get this very important historical item to come to Whittlesey.
At one meeting it was even brought up by a benefactor that a stand alone Must Farm Museum could be built.
All very nice in theory and in my dreams but the realty is somewhat different.
No more history lessons, you and I can not have our cake and eat it – and I mean, a nice market town, free parking, reasonably good schools and health services. Relatively low crime, sport and leisure facilities.
I am sorry to be the deliverer of doom and gloom – but sorry Whittlesey – you can not have your cake and eat it – Peterborough is expanding at an alarming rate along with thousands of jobs…..and that means MONEY.

Just a correction from a previous post where I said that Fenland/Whittlesey had little money from the Local Enterprise Partnership to come our way – I stand corrected – they have published this week that some £8 Million has been allocated to the Kings Dyke Crossing.
MP Steve Barclay has today indicated that there is a lot more government money available to Fenland ‘if’ they go about it the right way.

I still maintain I like living in Whittlesey – where my passion lays – we can all dream of better things… talking about which there is news on a possible way forward of a ‘Pedestrian Crossing’ on Grosvenor Road/Co-Op Car Park area…more to follow.

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