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Lets start with a very small but significant piece of good news…. FDC have at long last (years) and after a considerable amount of lobbying decided to increase Fixed Penalty Notices for ‘Fly Tipping’ – whether anyone is caught and will pay of course is yet another major on- going issue.
Of course my picture illustrates recent Fly-Tipping in Bedfordshire – so nowhere is ‘safe from this anti-social pass-time.
I’ve highlighted the forever on-going issues of ‘Plastic waste’ – some 6 Million tons ends up every year in rivers and oceans. I have published before my questioning of MP Steve Barclay on ‘Why we can not have a deposit and return scheme’ – he said it would be costly to the Tax payer –  I disagree – there need be NO cost to the Tax Payer! – Yes there is a cost but most will be out weighed by the improvement to the environment. This week the massif Coca Cola Co®™ is lobbying hard for Deposit and Return schemes to be ‘REJECTED’ – Boycott their products is one answer.
It reflects Coca-Cola’s assertive stance against the introduction of a DRS scheme, which is under consideration by the Scottish Government.
Such schemes have worked effectively in a number of European countries. A cost is added to the price of a drink, but the customer can reclaim a deposit upon returning the container to a shop or collection point.
I well remember as a child deposits on bottles and how we kids ‘hunted’ for pocket money.
Many other parts of the world have been doing this for years – time we caught up.
Enough now about these weekly issues – for a time anyway.
See full story on Sky News    –    Click Here

Yet another major blow to our town and what economy we have in Whittlesey – not surprised as some! – the Norwich & Peterborough Building Society and Lloyds-TSB about to close shop in the near future. It is very laudable some local councillors attempting to make a stand – Good – however you are 20+ years too late – Several reasons which I am sure everyone is aware of – but lets just take a minute.
The N&P, Chelsea B.S. – The Northern Rock, Dunfermline B.S (The Government gave Nationwide £1:6 BILLION to take Dunfermline on) – just to name a few.
I had accounts at some of these ‘safe’ institutions – we were told on many occasions by the ‘Rich/Well paid’ CEO’s that ‘They had NO Toxic debts/loans’ – this including the N&P – dozens of Banks & Building Societies suffered – and are still in some cases not in the Black.
Luckily for most of us – they were taken over at Billions of Tax Payers money (again) and I personally as many did not loose any investment.
‘Sorry’ it is a sign of the times – Internet Banking has been around for 20 years, people use Banks & Building Societies less frequently – and the Banking crisis all have contributed to where we are now – and there will be more closures.
Naturally I am sympathetic to those who have for-what-ever reason not embraced technology or can not get to a main branch in Peterborough.
On answer is change to what ever remains open for the time being.
Norwich & Peterborough Building Society™ opened in 1852 (Don’t know about Whittlesey) and had assets of £4:9 Billion when taken over by the Yorkshire Bank™
They have to say ‘A Palace of a Head Office’ in Lynchwood (I’ve been there) and a branch in Gibraltar! – of course I would not suggest any sort of #laundering# going on….
Why does a ‘smallish’ B.S. need a branch in Gib!
My concerns naturally are for their loyal staff – especially in our own branch – who have given excellent customer service and raised and contributed a great amount of money for local groups.

Another fantastic week for us – sorry Whittlesey I will return…!
A 3 day cruise on a wooden boat in/around the Mekong, 5* food as usual – the ‘delight this week’ being An elephant eared fish!
Connie, having a go at navigating the Bassac II.
Back to Saigon for a few days celebrating the ‘Lunar New Year’

A Healthy – Happy – Prosperous – Year of the ‘Rooster’





Coming next week – why it is all happening in Peterborough ~ Jobs # Investments
$ Infrastructure ~ Housing – Supermarkets -+ Warehousing % Building on and on –
Peterborough is where it is happening – especially Jobs –
We have a newly  revitalised Business Forum of which I am a member (Not a businessman) and I promote all can can for our town – but Peterborough has the £££££
Millions being invested – Not Fenland and Not Whittlesey.

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