‘The Fens’ – my article on Whittlesey Police Station

whittlesey-booklet-1975-wudc-33bMaybe not everyone has the ‘Fens’ magazine delivered so I’ll copy it here.

Whittlesey Police Station 1857 – 2016

The opening of the Queen Street Police Station on the 3rd October 1968 by Alderman T.W Anthony, (J.P. and Chairman of Cambridgeshire & Isle of Ely County Council) was a day to celebrate. The total cost of the building which included demolition of the old one was £30,560. The first Station which included a lock up and a house was built on the present site and completed in 1857, just prior to a riot which took place in the town after an election. The police force at the time was inadequate to cope with the disturbance and assistance had to be brought in. Retired sergeant Dennis Ellingham spent most of his career within Whittlesey and during that time, no murders occurred, there were 2 sergeants and 6 constables. There was 1 cell but has no toilet. The sergeant had the use of the ‘Ford Anglia’

whittlesey-police-station-1930       de-06b
Police Station 1930                             (l) Dennis Ellingham

The current Police & Crime Commissioner Mr Jason Ablewhite has decided in conjunction with Cambridgeshire Police that the Whittlesey Police Station is no longer required for operational purposes. The Police Station has been only been opened for limited periods for some time and has now been officially closed at the end of October. In liaison with other interested groups, Fenland Policing have said that there will be coverage of Policing in and around Whittlesey and district. Unfortunately our town has also lost our long standing PCSO Ian Moll – who has moved to be based in Peterborough.

whittlesey-police-station-160609Written and researched by Roy Gerstner Chairman Whittlesey Neighbourhood Watch My thanks to Whittlesey Museum. Would you like to become a better neighbour, why not join Whittlesey Neighbourhood Watch

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