WTC Meeting Part III Wednesday 09th November

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

Part III from last nights meeting.
161110-01-grosvenorAnother item that came on the agenda was that of a ‘crossing’ along Grosvenor Road – New Bus Stop – Co-Op.
Prior to the upgrading of the Car Park, the road just outside of the Co-Op had a raised bump area, this in itself caused traffic to slow down, although not a ‘proper pedestrian crossing’ the public felt safe.
161110-02-grosvenorI as a councillor at that time, argued very vocally at several meetings that ‘we’ needed a safe place for people to cross the road – especially as this area is probably the most used area for pedestrians in our town. The rest of our Town councillors agreed with me and we made our representations on more than one occasion to Cambs CC who were the main funders of the project. Alas came back that there was NO MONEY for this enhancement and therefor the project went ahead without a crossing.
161110-03-grosvenorNow I must give credit to Cllr Boden for taking this ‘issue’ on-board – he informs me that there has been several near misses and that it is only a matter of time before a serious incident takes place – so I presume he as a County Councillor is lobbying to have some sort of crossing put in place – the rub is, that to do the job now, will not only cause a substantial upheaval and inconvenience but I estimate will cost substantially a LOT MORE MONEY than if the work had been carried out when we originally asked for it.
I personally wish Cllr Bowen every success in his lobbying – it is after all the safety of the public we are taking about, which includes us all – children, disabled and people pushing trollies across the road.

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