All Small – But Good News – Trending this Week…

Last week I attended 6 meetings and 2 this week – overflow with information facts & figures. 161029-02Lets stay as positive as possible….firstly what another fantastic job the Friends of Whittlesey Library have achieved… ‘New Blinds’ for all the large front windows… matching nicely with the rest of the décor….Today a small but enthusiastic group turned out for the ‘Goosebumps’ film and a lucky winner of the £10:00 prize draw topped it off.


161029-01 The new blinds now allow the interior to show events without being ‘overly’ dark and with just the right effect. The FOWL committee kept the work locally and ‘Blinds-In-Harmony’ have done a very good job. The Friends have carried out some significant improvements since their inception – Another Whittlesey Volunteer Group – helping our community.

161027-kd-01a161027-kd-02aMany of ‘us’ have been very vocal and complaining to Councillors of the ‘state of the Kings Delph  Lay-by for some considerable time (Years) – Now there has been a small but significant improvement to the road surface – I say ‘small’ as I wouldn’t call the job itself a Grade 1 improvement – but still kudos needs to be given to Cllrs Ralph Butcher and Alex Miscandlon for their involvement with Cambs Highways. The ‘patched up’ part of the road is where there were ‘ruts; some 18/24 inches deep and it was only going to be a matter of time before a lorry would have tipped over. Now what still needs addressing is the continued – excrement issue’ – disgusting people

Finally another ‘Autumn in Whittlesey picture’ 161027-01a                                                            Have a nice weekend….

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