Citizens Advice Bureau – AGM

2016-cab_0001aAs an ‘Independent Member’ of Rural Cambs CAB for a number of years I attended their AGM on Friday at Ely Cathedral (Before Trolls start – NO I don’t get paid & NO I don’t claim any expenses – Total NIL – Costs me money – Got It).
Another fantastic organisation who/which rely heavily on volunteers to run and give help and advise to thousands of people across Fenland/Whittlesey & Cambs.
Some 60 or so delegates/members attended including our own WTC/FDC Councillor Alex Miscandlon. Like so many organisations CAB is heavily reliant on funding from various sources (See below).
If you are not aware – CAB come to Whittlesey (Library & Learning Centre) on a Friday morning.
It operates on a first come first serve basis…you get a ticket from the desk.
Just because you do not need their advice now – doesn’t mean you may need it in the future.

CAB has a very good, easy to use website – here in Cambs – Click Here

After the meeting I spoke a great length with Cllr Miscandlon in respect of ‘Policing’ within our area and I hope he will make representations to the right people about these concerns.
(See next post re NHW AGM coming tomorrow).

Annual Summary + Accounts.
2016-cab_0009a    2016-cab_0002a  2016-cab_0003a

2016-cab_0004a  2016-cab_0005a  2016-cab_0006a

2016-cab_0007a  2016-cab_0008a
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