Brown Bin Tax – The Final Decision.

Firstly there is as usual a ‘lot’ of misinformation going on social media regarding this subject – I have no issue of  telling these people they have a lot of their ‘facts’ – wrong….and it is time they stopped it.

Yes I did attend the whole of the meeting that the public were allowed to attend.
Other than myself , there was the Landlady and brother from the Carpenters Arms in Coates to observe the decision on their Pub being a ‘Community Asset’ – another post later.
WTC/FDC Councillor Alex Miscandlon was also observing the meeting.
No other members of the public attended!

Back to – correct name – Garden Waste Collections.

1/ There are 68 pages in the report to FDC Cabinet Members (Yes I did read all 68 pages)
2/ Yesterday I published the Agenda for the meeting along with the link for anyone interested to read the Agenda item (68 Pages).  Click Here
I stated that the Head of Environmental Services had made a very robust business case to approved the recommendation.
3/ Fact – From FDC – The Garden Waste was initially subsidised by a Government Grant to all Councils to Recycle as much Green/Garden waste as possible – since that time the subsidy has stopped.
4/ Fact – Read all the consultations process and results – In fact the majority 60% of those who responded to the consultation said they were prepared to pay for the service.
5/ Fact – 7,300 properties do not have a Brown Bin – so could argue why they should pay on their general rates.
6/ Fact – FDC claim that they would have to raise the general council tax by nearly 8% to cover the cost of the Brown Bin round. – this would be on top of any other increase.
It would be illegal for FDC to put the cost of this service onto their general rates.
Also if a council wishes to raise taxes above a certain percentage – they would have to hold a referendum – cost £250,000

I make no excuse for my arguments that I am opposed to ‘Stealth Taxes’ – but also accept that with the for-ever on- going Government cuts – Councils are looking at many ways of either raising revenue or reducing cost (Over many past and many more future years)

bb-summary-01    bb-summary-01a
Above is the executive summary that the FDC Cabinet were given.

Below is the terms and conditions that will be introduced to this ‘New’ service.
I suggest to those on ‘Social Media’ to read these terms and conditions and to fully understand them – if for what ever reason they may have questions  – then contact your own elected representative (Councillor) and ask them either for advice or guidance.

bb-tc-01  bb-tc-02  bb-tc-03 bb-tc-04  bb-tc-05  bb-tc-06
ps….You can share a bin… a good neighbour…. 87p a week to have your bin emptied.
(At todays costing)

Click on pictures to enlarge….

Link to the Agenda of the meeting where you can view all….Click Here

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