Brown Bin Tax – Decision Tomorrow @ FDC

240L-BrownTomorrow 20th there will be a FDC Cabinet Meeting at 4pm (I am hoping to attend).
On the agenda – FDC call it Fenland Garden Waste Service and you can view the agenda and paperwork by Clicking Here

The Head of Environmental Services has made a very good business case for the ‘Tax’ to be introduced and it will take some monumental argument NOT to accept his recommendations. Out of the 12,000 returned consultation documents sent out, some 60%
said they were prepared to accept the (possible) £40:00 per year levy.

That’s again democracy and I/we have to accept it whether we like it or not.
I have actively argued against such a ‘Stealth Tax’ but was informed this evening by a Whittlesey Councillor that it was this or some other revenue making project (Parking Charges?) to cover some of the more savings that FDC have to make.
One ironic comment is that it is going to cost money (£45,000) in order to save money – doesn’t always!
So I’ll go and hopefully have a listen and see if it is a rubber stamp exercise or will a Councillor or two have different ideas.

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