Report from WTC Meeting last Wednesday 12th October

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

Apologies from my correspondent who has a busy work schedule.

The Council meeting was a pretty straightforward affair.
The Crime Commissioner and Police Rep gave their talk at the start. Seemed like a well-practiced routine run through of points that had been raised by public.

 They said that they would be able to increase numbers on the ground using more PCSO time , covered the issue of time spent going to March to check in. Standard message about flexibility and effective local policing.
They were asked about crime levels and for comparisons between other areas but didn’t seem to have any useful numbers to give a direct answer.
It was a skilful and well-presented double act which took about 15 minutes and seemed full of general statements but lacked detail.

 A representative from Whittlesey Neighbourhood Watch spoke for 7.5 minutes to talk to the Council about NHW – they were very good at listening, might have scored a point or two because he did have the statistics that the Police didn’t and gave a comparison between Wisbech and Whittlesey to answer one of their questions about crime levels.
Added a couple of quotes from the 1829 police principles which supported NHW.
Mentioned that we were being supported by Cambridgeshre and would be doing Good Neighbours scheme.

The council approved a new gate for the Cycle-way.
Nothing of interest in planning.
A bit of an exchange of views over some projects including Local Neighbourhood Plan which seemed to be getting a bit heated. Whittlesea Station plans were discussed although this seemed to be part of a wider group look at transport. I was surprised at the lack of understanding of some of those involved. It appears that the station improvements are bogged down because of simple things which just needed a bit of research to resolve. Specifically – who owns the gate across the station entrance 

RG’s observations: I note that neither the PCC or the Police Rep stayed to ‘maybe’ hear what members of the Public or the NHW representative had to say or comment on.
As par for the course – ‘listening’ to what the public might have to say is always a ‘Priority’
Yes – In one ear and generally straight out of the other…..

I will be attending a meeting at Hinchingbrook Police HQ this Saturday when the PCC will be in attendance – maybe I will have the opportunity to have a few ‘choice’ words of advice, (As the Police quote quite often) – Not that my advice will have any effect what so ever.


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