BrickLayers Arms Update

160915-03McCarthy & Stone, applied and were granted planning permission to build a retirement complex (This is their main business) at the site of the ‘Bricklayers Arms’ in Whittlesey.
The planning was difficult in many ways, as the conservation officer for FDC suggested the application be refused.
Whittlesey Town Council and several of our Councillors lobbied to grant permission for the site. The application was eventually approved and everyone thought that this project would bring benefits and enhancements to the area.
160915-04It is my understanding having hear at last nights Town Council meeting that McCarthy & Stone have now withdrawn their interest in the project.
The planning for the site remains in situ – and it is possible (although doubtful) that McCarthy & Stone could sell the application onwards.
It is also my understanding that they have not actually purchased that land/property, which is still in the ownership of Enterprise Inns.

On some further research this afternoon, maybe McCarthy & Stone did not see Whittlesey as ‘wealthy enough’ to move and build the planned complex?
Their share prices have gone down by some 19% in the last week and nearly 50% from their highs last year…. Maybe over stretched….or maybe just The Whittlesey Effect’

This is now the second site where quality building and mixed accommodation has not come to fruition – this other being the project at the old St Mary’s Hall on Station Road.

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