So Jason Ablewhite the PCC is coming to Whittlesey….

jason-ablewhite-01Police & Crime Commissioner is visiting Whittlesey on Sunday 18th September as a guest of the North East Cambridgeshire Conservative Association…

Tickets £15:00 per person.
Maybe Mr Ablewhite had not made a decision about closing our Police Station when he accepted the invitation – or again maybe he had, but had not told anyone!
The decision has been made and I doubt if anyone can get it overturned.
Of course Mr Ablewhite is already a controversial figure, having been referred to the IPCC – The Independent Police Complaints Commission…. see the story in the Hunts post by

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Of course if anyone feels strongly enough – they can always ‘welcome’ Mr Ablewhite as he makes his entrance into the Conservative Club?

Photo © Hunts Post

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