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160903 Arnolds LaneWhat ‘short’ memories – ‘some’ social networkers have…. what I am on about – Well in the early spring, the state of the ‘Hedge’ along Arnolds Lane was encroaching on people wanting to either walk, use pushchairs or mobility scooters. The Community Payback Team gave the ‘Hedge’ a real good cutback – there was consternation on ‘Social Networking’ that
Kenny and the Team had killed the Hedge and it would be no more.
Here is a picture taken a couple of days ago to prove otherwise, and yes I did see a load of different birds flying in and out of the Hedge….any comment!

160903-01 FunthamsOn another whining topic (Must not say such a word) No mention of the fantastic work done by Whittlesey Town Council in sorting out the Funthams Lane Road – People think that Councils can work miracles overnight – this project involved many different parties, and in the big scheme didn’t really take too long – yes I will hold councillors and people to account as I am accountable – but as the public know I will always give credit when it is due and it is in this case.
There was either NO or minimal cost to WTC the road was tarmacked by the Environment Agency.
When I did a tour of the ‘New’ Roadway on Saturday, I did not meet any vehicles going or coming towards the Millennium Bridge and the Boat People.

160903-02 FunthamsHowever I did meet 3 vehicles still using the Cycle-Route from the Field of Dream Football Pitch – 2 of the vehicles I recognised as those belonging to ‘Guess Who’ – the River Boat People – so after all the work the Council has done, to make the Funthams Lane entrance fit for purpose – the ‘Boat People’ appear not to want to use it (On the occasion I witnessed). We can only wait and see how good the ‘New’ Vandal Proof’ Gate will work to deter those who still insist on using the Cycle Route for Vehicle access to their boats.


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