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I see there is a ‘lot’ of interest in ‘Mandalay Park’ (rather posh!) – why don’t our ‘social networkers’ just ‘Google’ Mandalay Park’ and a proliferation of information comes up?

Do NOT confuse with a very nice holiday resort in Australia…..

I lived at the bottom of Commons Road for a number of years and my late father was there for over 40 years.
Not so long ago – it was called ‘Little Beirut’ because of the state of the place….
Going back in history since the Social Networkers don’t know – this area was in fact – a
Rubbish Tip for many years, sometime in the 50’s or early 60’s it became a ‘Caravan Park’, several owners tried unsuccessfully to develop the ‘field’.
A Mr Green came along a few years ago, put in planning permission – several versions later they were passed and he hardly complied with any of the condition of the application.
Around 8 or 9  Planning Officers later (FDC as usual toothless) – Several Builders employed by Mr Green disappeared from the scene for various reasons.
Mr Green has sold out.
Commons Road - Nice Wall 01ANew owners are completely different? – going by the ‘Lovely Wall’ they put up – 10,000 bricks – how do I know – I asked the guys building the wall – simple when you know how?
Would I pay £185,000 for a ‘Static Mobile Home’ – Click Here Zoopla + Ongoing charges, there is some plus in that it should be an over 55’s ‘Park’ and restrictions on animals….
Now if the site was in Australia by the sea with the sun shining 300+ days a year –  well I maybe tempted!!!!! – and there are a few people in Whittlesey who would like to see me go there…..well well well…..

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