How Clean is Clean !!!!

Foreign Language BoardAfter 20 days driving some 4,000 miles of the Canadian Rockies, I wouldn’t say I was ‘looking’ for rubbish…but when you’re like me – nearly 10 years of collecting Rubbish in Whittlesey – your ‘Eyes’ are like Radar – So in my 4,000 mile journey, how many pieces of litter/rubbish did I see – I’ll tell you 4 – that’s four – 4 not 400 or 4,000….Clean is Clean – get caught dropping or throwing litter in Canada – No questions asked $2,000 fine – can’t pay – certainly Sir or Madam, how about 12 months in Jail….

The culture of the people is different – I found they were ALL proud of their country, state, city, town or village.

I’ve been out twice this week  and found without trying a great big bag full of litter in and around Whittlesey – does it make me proud – well yes it does – because I know there are lots of decent like minded people like myself who want to do their best for our Town and Villages – but while Fenland drag their political heels – ask how many have been prosecuted – only a handful in 10 years – We will carry on regardless…..
I love clearing up after other people – Therapeutic.

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