Welcome Back – Another Fantastic Holiday

My apologies for lack of posts – holiday priority – and not that much to report…’appears’ fairly quiet unless you know otherwise!
So 5 weeks away – 1 week Land Tour of Alaska, 1 week Glasier Cruise on with ‘Princess’ and finally a 3,000+ mile self drive tour of the Canadian Rockies….. worn out – you bet.

Serious Toddie More Mycology Canada 2016 @ 29C
From some serious ‘Fungi/Toadstools’ to beautiful weather at 29C on several days – only 1 day rain in 5 weeks….

Jasper 2016-01 R @ Rockies Jasper NP Glaziers
Entering Jasper National Park with the very scenic ‘Ice Road Route’
Another Picture More Wildlife
We were lucky to see several Black Bears, 1 Grizzly, and many other ‘wild animals’
Brandywine Falls 2003 Brandywine Falls 2016
A revisit to The Brandywine Falls near Whistler – first visited in 2003 absolutely beautiful.

Looking forward to our next – more relaxing holidays…..


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