Pharmacy Consultation Engagement today Monday 09th

This event has been well advertised, both here and many other forums. I attended along with 14 other members of the public, which included New Queen Street Patients Participation committee members and (2) WTC Councillors.

There was confusion from some of the public who thought it was about ‘Closing Down Pharmacies’ – No No No – I will add at the end the consultation link where if people are interested can fill in the questionnaire. I have done this before.
Doctor Richard Spires gave an excellent presentation and pre-empted some of the questions that may have be asked.

The ‘crux’ of this consultation is about having to save money – (How many times have we heard this) – But is it a reality unfortunately like it or not.
Some items that are prescribed such as pain killers, can be bought over the counter for example. Other areas which were being looked at are contained in the presentation notes below.

I asked (2) questions which Dr Spires answered very well.
1/ Is this the beginning of the short edge of the wedge? –
Answer – Yes – Vast savings have to be made – and these detailed here is only a small
proportion of what has to be done.
How big is the wedge of course?

2/ Why is it that some medicines/prescriptions are available for free in Scotland and some
parts of England but not here in Cambridgeshire?
Answer – Like many things it is a ‘Post Code Lottery’ as who get what and when – it is a
Government decision?

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Pharm Consul 04   Pharm Consul 05   Pharm Consul 06
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