Silly – Daft – Stupid – Just Plain Dangerous….Updated

Naturally when I am informed of any developments within my articles/posts, I am more than happy to make corrections and or updates.
Our Neighbourhood Police Team, informed me today (09th) that there were in fact 8 sets of signage informing drivers of the Railway Crossing Closure.

They believe that the ‘White Vans’ may have been Network Rail contractors.
The Police Van was at the level crossing on several occasions during the day (Not whilst I was there)

So several calls to report ‘issues’ at Kings Dyke Crossing (Remember Station Road Crossing is also closed). So ‘zoomed’ up there on my mobility scooter to witness some idiotic drivers…. Whilst I sat there (1 hour from 15:15 to 16:15) I witnessed 53 vehicles driving right up the last barrier and turning around to go back (towards Whittlesey direction).
160508-01There was 22 vehicles that came from the other direction then turned back towards Kings Delph.
2 vehicles (Both White Van Man) decided the rules were not meant for them and drove around the barriers and crossed the Level Crossing (Gates were open).
(See above)
From the Kelly Vision Round-about (A605) there are 8 advanced warnings that the road was closed – so why did so many people (53 in just that one hour) attempt to ‘see’ if the crossing was open…..
Are these the same people who say they are never informed? – Didn’t bother to read the advance notices.
160508-02ANow I must comment that on WTC Website there is a Road Closure link (Empty) – but then again if the Council are not advised (They normally are) then we are NOT informed.
No excuses for the White Van Man…. I am but a humble observer – it is NOT my job to police the road – we have paid officials to do that. (See correction above)

I just hope there is a camera monitoring the crossing…..

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