Busy Day!

Keeping an eye on the election results, including Peterborough? – they are our neighbours! I note that ex leader Marco Cereste came 3rd in Hampton Vale and is re-elected….?
No elections for Councils here is Whittlesey/Fenland other than Police & Crime Commissioner.
This morning I did a Public relations exercise promoting the Patients Participation Group for New Queens Street Surgery.

NQS 03 NQS 02 NQS 01
On the whole ‘I’ am very pleased with the service I receive at NQS – Yes we would all like more timely appointments – the Surgery Management are well aware of these challenges.
There will be an inspection (CQC) of the Surgery in the near future and the PPG have been invited to play an active role. In the next week or so we will be in the surgery to encourage patients to fill in questionnaires.

Then went into town and must have met up with over 20 people who wanted a ‘chat’ nice day – but not a lot of people using the Market (very quiet).

Then went and did some basic ‘sound and noise’ checks along Peterborough Road – there are concerns of the level of traffic noise being generated. I will be doing a much more in depth survey over the next few weeks to gather more information.

Funthams-Cycle Route 160506Finally did some therapeutic Litter Picking along the Millennium Cycle Route  – out at McCains…. Look what has been Fly-Tipped – It is becoming a ‘regular’ place to off load junk.



Dates for Road Closures – Ramsey Road Level Crossing.

Ramsey Rd Railway Closed 15&16-05-16 -2

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