Bricklayers Planning Consent

This application (Now approved) again was controversial as many neighbouring properties objected to the development.
Whilst I sympathise with these neighbours, no one has come up with a ‘constructive’ argument for an alternative….The ‘Pub’ as it stood is just not viable, unless ‘someone’ is prepared to throw a ‘lot’ of money at it – with little guaranteed return.
Be practical….
Now of course there is always a ‘question’ – !!!

Will the developers deliver! or will they sit on the site as a ‘land-bank’ which has and is happening on other sites in our area.

We wait and see…. and Yes Whittlesey Councillors made the correct decision in supporting the application.
For those who were against it – please give me/us a good alternative.
See the plans there are parking spaces.


There are at least 3 other Public Houses for sale in Whittlesey, (2) of which would again be prime building sites.

Will the ‘Hero of Aliwal’ be sold (It is going cheap – why!)

©Picture Eric Brickles (1984)

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