Elderly Targeted with More SCAMS – Please Beware…..

It has been brought to my attention that 3 more people locally have been caught out with scams occurring via Internet/e-mail. Quite often people are ashamed to admit to falling for these scams and do not report it to the Police.
The 3 were all over 60’s

Important Notice.
Please note starting from March 27th we will be introducing new online banking authentication procedures in order to safeguard the information of our customers.
As part of these new procedures we will be implementing our two step authentication feature this will prevent unauthorised access to your account.
In order for us to launch these new features we require you to validate your account information by clicking on the link below.

(Takes you to a bogus link – which looks very similar to the correct website)

Please note: Failure to comply with this request can lead to temporary suspension of our online banking services.
Best regards,
HSBC Customer Support.

The above is an example of A SCAM in order to extract your details so ‘they can use’

PayPal Scam
Hello dear client
(A sure give away not addressed personally – wrong grammar – but not always the case)

Your account has been  temporarily blocked
(The big give away is that you may not even have a PayPal account)

To access back to your account, you will reactivate your account within the next 24 hours
(Takes you to a bogus link – which looks very similar to the correct website)

The above is another example.

As always there is a great deal  of information on the Whittlesey Neighbourhood Watch Website.


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