Street Lights – What we were told by Cambs CC

Whilst I was a councillor, Cambs County Council came to several meetings in regards to ALL of Cambridgeshire having their Street Lighting replaced by ‘New’ more energy efficient Street Lights. ‘We’ in Whittlesey were told that ‘we’ had to ‘loose’ 10% of Street Lights, one reason being that the ‘New’ lights were better and more energy efficient.
Where I live we ‘lost’ 2 lights, all Town Councillors did a street check of their own wards.
Some lights were identified as safety issues and arguments ensured to keep them.
The ‘New’ lights were to be ‘dimmed’ at 2am.
After the installation there were some issues, regarding signs etc.
Now we have reached April 2016 – Lights now switched off at 2am to save money.
When I went to a meeting last year the notice of Street Lights being switched off was brought up – I/we were told’
That Cambs CC had spoken to neighbouring Councils in respect of ‘Crime’ increasing due to the Street Lights being turned off. Cambs CC told us that there investigations said that there had been NO increase in crime from the neighbouring Counties who had already carried out the exercise? Therefor this was not seen as an argument.

So in a nutshell there you have it….we wait and see, I am as sceptical as the next person.
I ‘hope’ that Crime does not increase. We have to wait for statistical information as to where (On or Off) time of day and type of crime etc.

Never fear I will be keeping a close watch on this – as it effects us all.
I hope my fears are proven wrong.

If you ‘Google’© Cambridgeshire CC Street Lights you will get a lot of different articles.
If you have concerns or issues please contact your own ward councillor – details can be found on the Whittlesey Town Council Website.

Disclaimer: I am no longer a councillor.

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