A 60’s Article – SHS Concert & History.

SHS Concert 1965 Article from? – sorry don’t know.
Christmas Panto @ SHS 1965 I think.
A full house, and a very nervous Roy Gerstner playing
Piano Accordion as a ‘warm up’ to the main event.

Names mentioned, Keith Bielawski  is still living in Whittlesey. He has reinvented a trio and sings quite a few venues locally. Speaking with him a few weeks ago, he has a CD out and is hoping to perform on a cruise in the near future.
Peter Savic, lives away from Whittlesey and was involved in Scientific work.


Roy Abt 1965I played the Piano Accordion from the age of 7 through to about 21. I attained a Higher Diploma in Music and played in many competitions around the country – I did not win any?
During my last year at SHS, besides having a morning, evening and Sunday Paper-rounds, Working 2 – 9 pm at Morleys Petrol Station, I managed to play my Accordion at various venues around Whittlesey on Saturday nights.
A couple of Saturdays in each. I remember, The Boat, Letter B, The Angel, Nags Head in Eastrea and The Vine in Coates.

Roy 1967I was earning twice as much as my School Mates who were in work.
Alas I still have the trusted Accordion, and for years keep threatening to start playing again, however it takes years of practice to become a good musician of any instrument.
One Day maybe….
I spent the money I had saved for my first Motorbike –  a 1961 Royal Enfield Crusader Sports (250cc). On the road on my 16th Birthday….

Leaving School, all had to be given up – I went of to Tech College in North Wales and then onto Liverpool – swinging 60’s – During one of my Summer breaks I worked in a Pontins Holiday Camp in Camber Sands – Sussex. I was ‘The Cocktail Barman’ – where pubs and bars closed at 10:30 – Holiday Camp bars stayed open until 2 to 3 in the morning.
Happy Days….No Stress….

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