A Weekend Story for You…

Cook Is Driving LicenceSo …… When Connie & I were in Rarotonga ‘The Cook Island’ in 1995, the authorities said I needed a ‘Driving Licence’ in order to drive on the ‘one circular road’ around the Island.
NO test required – just handed over the money? – have photo taken (Yes I know its a bad photo).

As I was at the Ministry of Tourism – a corrugated tin building – I asked a ‘few’ questions about local infrastructure – a nice lady said she could not help, but she knew someone who could!.
I was taken to the next room, where I met – The Minister of Tourism’ – who decided to take me around the Island, showing me the (1) Generator that was working, the Banana plantation where all the ‘waste’ was used.

I was then introduced – to ‘The Chief of Police’ (A New Zealander), who showed me around his Cook Island FlagPolice Station – All cells were FULL – why I asked – well all domestic issues and alcohol fuelled. No sooner than a cell became vacant – it was reoccupied very rapidly.
A lovely 6 days of Polynesian  culture, food and music.

The only time I have ever seen a Dog – unzip a banana and eat it! – it fell off a tree besides our bungalow….the dog – knowing that if it did not get the banana – something else would!

Cook Dollar 01A    Cook Island Dollar 02A
When the Queen visited  The Cookies in 1974, she was introduced to their ‘local God of fertility’ – coin and notes – apparently she was not very impressed….I’ll stop at this point….
Above one of my memento’s a Cook Island Silver $
©RG 2016

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