WTC Full council meeting 13th April Part 3

Environmental & CCTV Report – Police Report
FDC WTC Envro April 16-03   FDC WTC Envro April 16-02   FDC WTC Envro April 16-01

FDC WTC Envro April 16-04 FDC WTC Envro April 16-05
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Crime is down from 80 last year to 30 – no patterns or types of note, no particular problem or area. Incidents down from 280 to 240

We have continued to make numerous patrols along High Causeway – Ive paid particular attention to evenings around the A605 end – loading and unloading has been explained to a couple of business’ down there – getting your fish and chips isn’t loading – its waiting and that’s not allowed.
Crime is down from 80 last year to 30 this year same period – No patterns or types of note, No particular problem or area. Incidents down from 280 to 240 – PCSO Moll

I hear there are a lot of issues with inconsiderate parking around AJS, this is very historic.
Since we have NO Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator in the whole area, I would suggest to the complainants to contact their local Councillor or follow up with the Police themselves.

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