WTC Full council meeting 13th April – Part 1

3 hours from start to finish – Agenda published here on the 08th April, this précis will as usual be in several parts and is NOT the official minutes of the meeting – they will appear on the WTC website in a months time.

I arrived early to witness the ‘Citizen of the Year’ award which this year goes to…old school friend and well known Whittlesey Lad – Mr Richard Exton. Well deserved and Richard has done quite a lot with organising the Straw Bear Festival for many years, he helps with ‘In Bloom’ and has provided logistical help with Street Pride in the past.
160413- 02 AM & RE    160413- 01 AM & RE
(l) Mayor Alex Miscandlon with (r) Richard Exton

RE 2009Richard attended Sir Harry Smith secondary school during the 1960’s.
He has lived in Whittlesey all his life. When not doing some ‘part-time’ jobs, he and Enid go off for a motoring holiday into Europe.
Richard is ‘adventurous’ he does not own a Sat-Nav, prefers to do it the old fashion way – read a map.

Richard will be 65 in January next year – Retiring – maybe…..

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