Vandalism & Fly-Tipping

Luckily? – we do not suffer too much from either, but like ‘crime’ Whittlesey is not free from people who seem to enjoy ruining our environment.
160409-03A KD   160409-05 KD
Kings Delph – where it would appear the ‘owner’ of this ‘boat’ runs his car across the grass, over the daffodils to service the boat. The picture only shows some of the damage – I dare say the daffodils will survive  – but that’s not the point.
Pictures A.H. – thanks.

Black Bush Drove 02AHere we are today (Monday)  along Blackbush Drove, someway passed the Railway Crossing with a variety of Garden and other rubbish.

I will report and hopefully FDC’s rapid response team will deal with it.

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