Abandoned Vehicle(s) Update

160405 Wisbech 02AThis photo taken opposite ‘Tesco’ in Wisbech yesterday.
Abandoned vehicles come in varying forms from the one shown here on the left, to those like in a previous post along Snoots Road.
1/ If a vehicle is being driven on the highway without proper documentation, it is a Police issue.
2/ If a vehicle is parked on the road, without proper documentation and is NOT a danger to anyone it is a DVLA issue.

Ford Snoots Road 1603213/ Our vehicle reported here several weeks ago and my research has been very exhaustive. The owner is NOT local, the vehicle has a ‘SORN’, and should NOT be parked on the highway.
It now has a notice posted on the wind screen and is a DVLA issue.
As I said before, the windows are partly open.

Fenland District Council (FDC) will have vehicles removed, if it is NOT a Police issue.
Could be a danger to the public, they have a contractor, who is based in Cambridge.
The contractor removes the vehicle ‘FREE’ of charge to the council and ratepayer (At present).
Unfortunately the wheels!!! at the DVLA appear to move very slowly in respect of this type of problem.

Below, an untaxed vehicle along Ramsey Road – a few years ago, the DVLA quick to ‘Clamp’ rogue vehicle within a couple of days, maybe before the ‘Cutbacks’?

Digital image


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