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160401-03AIt may well be no bodies business re Camper Van Man on Eastgate/Grosvenor Car Park! as quoted by a Street Lifer© – Wrong  – Rules and Laws are for us all, as my previous posts on this subject, the signage for the ‘New Car Park’ is missing. I have had today correspondence from FDC –
“Our Engineering Team are organising new signage for all our car parks, to advertise the parking restrictions.
We are going to deliver a letter to the owner of this Camper Van today asking him to remove his vehicle.
Our CCTV have advised us that they do not believe anyone is living in this vehicle.
Street Scene Officers and CCTV will continue to monitor this vehicle”

This afternoon the vehicle was taking up ‘only’ (1) space in the corner of the car park.
There are pros and cons with this ‘issue’
1/ It may only now take up (1) space, but what is to stop Camper Van ‘friends/mates’ coming and parking up semi-permanently? If (1) is allowed then nothing to stop more coming.
2/ If/when Camper Van Man decides to move – well it could end up parked outside my or your house. It is taxed/insured & has mot – it can legally park where it is not causing an obstruction…..

Camper Van Man has a sticker in the window – ‘Home is where you park it’
There is evidence of a FDC sticker on the windscreen…

160401-01  160401-02

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