Small Short Update

I am just as frustrated over the ‘inactivity’ of FDC in getting the Camper Van moved off Grosvenor Car Park, there are lots of people just as concerned.
Our FDC Street Scene Officer is off on compassionate leave, and this morning I have contacted one of the Senior Street Scene Officers to make him aware.
Of course there is a ministerial visit by the Communities Minister Greg Clark  – yes you might have guessed ‘Wisbech’, too look into proposals for 10,000 homes and Garden Town status….fat chance of a piddling issue in Whittlesey being addressed then?
Several councillor are aware of the ‘issue’ – why can they not get things moving please…..

I’ll update about the ‘challenges’ of a Neighbourhood Plan over this coming weekend.

In the meantime please see another scam..

BeScam Smart

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