Abandoned Vehicle Snoots Road

Ford Snoots Road 160321My apologies to David S on StreetLife© I was not on the case earlier. Of course we no longer have a Neighbourhood Co-ordinator for NHW on the whole of the Snoots Road.
I did report it last Friday, and went to see for myself yesterday, and reported again on a ‘Higher level’. I have this morning received communication from the Whittlesey Police Team that they have it on their to do list…..Naturally the Police have ‘priorities’ and they will get around to this issue. I and most of the other law abiding citizens pay our way in all forms of taxation and this owner should do the same or face the consequences.
Our Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators have the ability to contact our Police team direct, they also have a ‘special password’ to fast-track when using the 101 None-Emergency phone system. If you would like to become a better neighbour in your street/road or area, then you are more than welcome to get in touch with me and I’ll help you to join.

Post note: 22nd 08:40 The ‘Police’ have been to investigate.
The Road Tax ran out Feb 2016 and the MOT ran out 18th March

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