I just wish…..please stop misquoting this website

NHW Meet PCSOMy meeting today with PCSO Ian Moll was on behalf of Whittlesey Neighbourhood Watch.
In my post about the Camper Van in Grosvenor Road Car Park said that the responsibility was the remit of FDC, it is not a Police matter.

PCSO Moll is a ‘civilian’ employee of the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, we know he has very limited powers as all PCSO’s do. Depending on the Chief Constable, he/she may give PCSO’s more or less powers.
The regular meetings are to bring up any concerns that NHW members have, generally these ‘issues’ are few and of fairly minor issues.
They include but are not limited to parking issues, speeding issues and crime issues.
I did bring up on behalf of posts on SL© that of the ‘Mondeo’ on Snoots Road, and PCSO Moll was unaware of it – however he is now and will look at it.

When ‘Blunkett’ introduced PCSO’s I and many others were not too pleased, but this is what we have, and make the best of it. In many parts of the country they have all but gone.
One day you may need the help and assistance of PCSO Moll or his partner Tracy.

Back to the Camper Van, I’ve done my bit, I can not do anymore, it is down to FDC officials now. Remember if the vehicle moves off onto the road, it is legally entitled to park, providing it is not causing an obstruction….it may well decide to park outside someones home?
Missing Bike 01ANot the best of picture, but a pretty nice ladies Bicycle was ‘found’ abandoned on the Ramsey Road Layby.
It is a safe place and if you have lost it or had it stolen, get in touch and I’ll tell you where it is.

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