Comment on By-Pass and Bridge

Mick SpeechleyI’ll keep this short! – reading MC comments on SL© about a By-pass, my recollection having spoken many times with his CCC predecessor (Cllr Mick Speechley RIP), Mick told me there were advanced discussions between Cambs CC and London Brick/Hansons on the possibility of ‘funding’ a By-pass. I can not remember where this went.
However we in Whittlesey were presented with 3 options by CCC, and at the time a Southern route was what the majority wanted. Local estate agent Stephen Hodson had in his offices for many years the model of the proposed plan, next time I see him I’ll ask if he still has it catching dust.

(©FDC Mick Speechley RIP, passed away 2013 long standing local councillor)

Even during this period the costs which were only ‘guess work’ appeared to be astronomical, London Brick/Hanson may well have made offers to part fund.
It disappeared, like many other good idea’s.


The problems at King’s Dyke are not going to go away. This railway route is designated to get busier with the increased traffic in and out of Whitemoor (and I hear rumour that the sleeper operations currently at Dowmac Tallington may move there), the enhanced gauging of the Felixstowe-Nuneaton freight route and the dualling of the single track between Ely and Soham to allow even more frequent freight trains.
This extremely busy crossing is about to get busier.
Many years ago, probably in the early 70s, I remember then councillor Mick Speechley promising a bridge there. What happened? Nothing yet and still waiting after 40 years.
extract of letter to Cambs Times© 05/12/2012

Read a very good article in the Peterborough ET©

For all the doubters – who knows, but the Bridge is more advanced now than at any other time in the long history….If/When is starts or gets completed there will be ‘thousands’ of very happy people – all blocked further along the road at Cardea, and yes Peterborough CC are looking into solving the issue/problem.
There is plenty of information if you carry out the ‘right key word’ searches on Google©

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