WTC Full council meeting 09th March – Part 2

Cycle Tour of Cambridgeshire – Cllr E Dorling gave an update on the public consultation.
72% were in favour and 28% were against the event taking place in/around Whittlesey.
The event (if it happens) will take place in 2017
Cllr R Whitwell was congratulated on all his work involved thus far. The rest of the councillors were extremely ‘Happy’ with the way the public consultation had engaged.
The actual numbers of those who voted will be available on the WTC website at some stage.

Councillor surgeries (which has been tried before), would continue for the time being, the feeling was it makes councillors accessible and transparent with the public/electorate.

Reports from Street Scene & Environmental Team @ FDC

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WTC 160309-01 WTC 160309-02WTC 160309-03 WTC 160309-04WTC 160309-05

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