Railway Station Clean Up Event

As I only hold the ‘rank’ of  ‘Litter Picker’ now, I am unaware of ‘what’ is actually planned on this occasion.
Railway Station Clean-Up 110708-01What the FACTS are that Whittlesey Street Pride carry out regular Litter Picking in the area, I myself do so nearly every week when I am at home. I invite PP from SL to join me!!!!!
The last ‘Major’ tidy-up was in July 2011 organised by ‘Network Rail’
SP supported this event over a 3 or 4 day period (can not remember exactly).
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A full H&S and environmental impact assessment was carried out by NR prior to the event.
Altogether besides all the rubbish, 6 tons of ‘Bracken’ was removed. At NO time did I see any ‘wild’ animals or birds nests ‘vandalised’ there maybe have been a few ladybirds.
At NO time did I see any deer, although Muntjac  have been seen at various times – they do not live there permanently?
As far as I was concerned the ‘event’ was only partially successful in that even removing 6 tons of bracken to tidy and clear areas around the footpath and car park areas – this ‘only’ made a small effect to the whole area. Since NR did not engage with SP after this event, even though we requested it, the whole area regenerated back to normal within about 6/8 months.
The picture shows MP Steve Barclay and the NR Area Manager (who came by taxi and not on a train – he couldn’t find one?) Naturally they turned up for the photo-shoot and didn’t actually get their hands dirty.
As Whittlesey knows I am a big advocate of environment issues and SP past record (example planting over 1 million wild flower seeds) is well documented.
I am unaware of the present managements plan or commitment to these issues.
Only part of the land is owned by Network Rail, (PP on Streetlife©) the poster was I presume put up by Street Pride having got permission from Abellio Greater Anglia.

For your interests – FACT – there has been numerous attempts to gain planning permission for this land, up to 250 houses, concerns about, wildlife (Snakes) and access were the reasons WTC at that time recommended refusal – I am unaware of where this planning application stands at present but will attempt to find out.

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