Important information about your Medical Records

Extract from the Practice Managers report to the New Queen Street Surgery PPG
(Patients Participation Group) held on 22nd February

Patient Online, giving detailed record access to patients, has to be “switched on” on 1 April.  Every practice has to provide this facility.  All records have to be checked before access is given and a request is needed from each patient.  The patient’s signature and identification has to be checked and the practice has to ensure that all is in order before allowing access.

What this allows is for every patient, who wishes, after being checked (vulnerable, patients who may self harm and certain others maybe excluded).
This is a major step forward into freedom of accessing your medical records.
I am unaware of the Jenner Health Centre dates for their patients but it would appear 1st April all should be switched on.

If you wish more information, please to contact your own surgery.


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