Whittlesey Learning Hub – Library

Progress is still on-going with the fixing and renovations, Whittlesey will ‘soon’ have a fantastic facility ‘fit-for-purpose’ The Friends of the Library (I being an original ‘friend’) are doing a Stirling job.

Extract from minutes of meeting held on 26th January

Public Consultation Document

The documents spells out the fact the future of the entire library service is dire due to cuts that have to be made. Pauline Finney explained the document caused great concern as there are going to be redundancies within the entire service. The jobs of long term and dedicated staff, who have been great assets to the service, are in danger. Public concern should be the cut in opening hours. At this present time Whittlesey Library will not be affected but further cuts in the library service are going to continue.

Like many other ‘voluntary groups’ – they are being asked to do more…..


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