Speeding along North Bank

The ‘newbies’ on SL© have not read the multitude of previous posts, along with my own several articles….so lets revisit briefly.
Here are some ‘Dashcam’ photos from my own car. In the past I’ve left the registration plate untouched, but this could cause issues.

It is not for an individual/members of the public to take the ‘law’ into their own hands.
If someone is ‘caught’ speeding either by official camera’s or the police themselves, the ‘evidence’ has to stand up in a court of law if needed. Most speeding offences are ‘fixed penalty notices’, some drivers who wish to fight the case, then have to deal with the CPS, the crown prosecution service. Have their day in court and have to provide evidence.
151002-01B North Bank Speeding Car 01A North Bank Speeding Motorcycle 02A
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Most of us now who have installed ‘Dashcams’ do so in case of accidents, insurance companies now will in most cases accept this as ‘evidence’….it has of course its pro’s and con’s….what do you do with the ‘evidence’ if you were at fault?
I was contacted by a South Wales police force, who had my registration from their own cameras, asked me whether I had seen or had ‘evidence’ of a serious traffic accident which happened on the opposite carriageway a few seconds earlier. Yes I fortunately had the recording and passed onto them.
‘Dashcams’ come in various forms and software. Most have a micro SD card to store the video/and or audio. It has limited capacity, therefor after say 4 to 6 hours, will overwrite the previous ‘files’, I keep several SD cards.
There are a lot of outlets now selling Dashcams, including Halfords who will sell and make a very good installation job for around £200:00 – well worth it if you ‘think’ there are too many ‘idiots/boy racers’ on the road.
If you have ‘issues’ with speeding, our NHW will have our local police team ‘prioritize’ the area – remember the ‘limited’ resource our policing team have, they can not be there 24/7.
151210 - Camera Van 02
Yes very occasionally, there will be the ‘camera van’ along North Bank.
As previously published, but due to ‘cut backs’  there is now only (1) operational camera van, shared between 3 counties, and those who speed know this…..

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