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Streetlife® Gilly B on 23/01/16

I really hope this is not true.
We had friends over for dinner last night and over the port, the talk turned to Sainsburys.

They live in Coates and I Was amazed when my friends husband said that a councillor had told him that Sainsbury wouldn’t be coming last June. Allegedly all town councillors had received an open letter from Fenland advising them that if the promised money towards road building was not paid by the end of June then that would give Sainsbury a reason to pull out. Allegedly the councillor said that they knew the money wouldn’t be paid because it simply wasn’t there!

I found this hard to believe but if it is true why do we need to spend our money on an enquiry?

RG I challenge the poster to name the councillor who quoted this.

I was not on the council in June so would not have seen or heard about such a letter. This is the first many of us have heard of such, maybe it is or maybe it isn’t correct…

Gilly B (hiding behind a pseudonym) has posted a lot of comments on Streetlife® now come good with the facts….who was that councillor.

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