WTC – Full Council meeting tonight.

My apologies, we are far away in sunshine, however I hope to have eyes and ears attending the meeting, which as previous post could be interesting.

Norbu 03   Norbu 02  Norbu 01
RG & Mr Thomas               Jin, Lek Connie, Dos & RG            Mr Dos & RG

Our annual outing to ‘Norbu’s Steakhouse by Rawai in Southern Phuket, the owner, Mr Thomas is originally from Tibet, trained in Switzerland and washed up for Clement Freud.
5 star steaks flown in ‘chilled’ from Australia – when they’re gone – they’re gone!

The ‘PhuNaNa’ beautique hotel we have visited many times and made extremely good friends with the owners and his son Mr Dos, who studies in Bangkok, I am regarded a protégé!  A very clever boy for 14.

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