Neighbourhood Watch Meeting 15-12-15

NHW Logo 4ANHW meeting at Whittlesey Town Council Offices on Grosvenor Road, (The White Building opposite the ‘new bus station’) at 7pm (Use side door)
A lot of questions posed on Street Life® have been answered so many times at Neighbourhood Watch Meetings over the years.
Speeding/Speedwatch/Anti-social behaviour, Minor crime, Street Lighting, Cyclists on Pathways, Illegal parking, Inconsiderate parking and many other issues.
We don’t ‘always’ get things done, but at least the Police are made aware of our ‘local issues’.
We in turn can be the eyes and ears for our Neighbours and Community.

151209-00BOne ‘small result’ last week being a motorcycle semi-abandoned along Church Street, so much so, there was a ‘foot of leaves’ around it, – a quick check on the DVLA told that some of its documents were out of date, although a Highways/DVLA or FDC issue, a contact with our PCSO, had the ‘problem’ sorted within a day….The Motorcycle has since been taken off the road by its owner.

Now ‘we’ don’t always get such quick results – but at least on this occasion restores a little more confidence in our association with our local Policing Team.

It is hoped that our relatively new Sergeant will be attending tomorrow evening – it is an open meeting anyone can attend….Please come along, don’t rely on ‘rumour’ rely of facts.

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